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About Us

I Found Islam

Helping new Muslims with what they need!

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I Found Islam, Now What?

is a place for:

Supporting New Muslims in their adaption to an Islamic Lifestyle

Learning more about Islam for new Muslims & Non-Muslims

Born and raised Muslims to get awareness of the importance of supporting new Muslims & Dawah efforts

Sharing life experiences and obstacles for better understanding and assistance



General Revert Support in various forms.

New Muslims (Reverts) face many trials in their lives to adjust and learn about their choosen path and need constant support, friendship, and educational materials to assist them. Without the support and assistance in learning, many are left with a feeling of "emptiness" and need the support to feel welcomed into the Muslim communities. 

We do not want to leave any new Muslim left feeling this way, so we decided to create a "welcoming environment" where they can get the needed support and knowledge needed that isn't always available in all areas of the world.


Who Are We?

We are a group of individuals that have come together for the sake of Allah.

No participatants, including the founder, are paid for any work done on this project.

It is for the sake and pleasure of Allah, and done on a volunteer basis.


Founded by Shannon Abulnasr (Revert) having a passion to welcome & support new Muslims to the Ummah.  We consist of a team of dedicated volunteers including many well known Imams/Scholars from across the globe.  Our Imams are educated and aware of the struggles faced by new Muslims in the non-Muslim countries due to having lived and worked in them themselves.  With our team of volunteers, we hope to provide the needed support for everyone.


Our Participating Imams Include:

You can view the profiles of each of the Imams by visiting the menu section "Our Imams E-Office"

Dr. Hatem al-Haj

Dr. Zia ul-Haque Sheikh

Dr. Mohammed Said Mitwally Ibrahim

Dr. Ahmed Kobeisy

Dr. Mahmoud El-Denawy

Assim al-Hakeem

Karim AbuZaid

Yaseen Shaikh

Moutasem al-Hameedy

Ibrahim Zidan

Mohamed Shakib

Ibrahim Badawy

Muhammad Abdulfattah

Mohamed Anwar Mohamed

Samir Radwan

Ibrahim Dremali

and more to come inshallah!


Other Instructors & Assistants:


Dina Aboubasha

Alif Rahman

Haroon Malik

Hossam Ed-Deen Allam

Shannon Abulnasr






May Allah disperse the deeds of this project between all those listed below according to their participation, because without their inspiration or support, and the aid of Allah swt, it wouldn't have happened. 

May Allah protect us, guide us, and give us of his mercy, compasion, blessings, and grant us all a high place in Jannah.



Main Inspiration:


Jameelah Songo

She is a revert, and she supported, and continues to support me after I accepted Islam in 2006.

Her guidance, moral support, and friendship has shown to be a treasured gift from Allah swt.


Carole Sturm

Also a Revert, Her friendship, and continual support has shown me that helping others is such a blessing.  Her selflessness, and caring heart have inspired me to help others, and inshallah, I hope that I can do at least a fraction of what she does for others.



Our Team of Volunteers:


All of our participating Imams listed above

Q/As for new Muslims, lectures, classes, article submission & review, and more.

Dina Aboubasha

Revert Support Group Assistance with fatwa submission/response support, advising & supporting New Muslims


Haroon Malik

Islam 101 courses for new Muslims


Alif Rahman

Q/A Assitance, Article review/preparations/authoring & Islam 101 courses for New Muslims


Hossam Ed-Deen Allam

Arabic courses for new Muslims

Admin for Public Facebook Group

Revert Support Group Assistance with fatwa submission/response support, advising & supporting New Muslims


Tarek Hamdy

Graphic Design

(View more of his work HERE)


Ahmed Abulnasr

Web Development & Maintenance

(View more of his work HERE)


Nova Budiman

Website Hosting during development

Admin for Public Facebook Group




Want to be a Volunteer?

If you would like to be a permanent or 'seasonal' volunteer, please contact us and provide us with your skills,

Islamic education, technical skills, methods of availability, and times of availabilty, and we will contact you inshallah to see how you can help.


Volunteers Currently Needed for:


Website Development/Programming (Several Needed)

Must know Joomla & MySQL


Revert Support Forums Admins (Several Needed)

Must be able to review posts in assigned sections on regular basis (not just randomly)

Respond accordingly if needed to intervene when disputes occur

Monitor for hate speech, anti-islamic posts, spamming/advertising, inappropriate posts, and

verifying incorrect information shared and either responding with the correct information, or deleting such content.


Q/A Insertion into Database

Basic understanding of how to create new articles in Joomla, and how to insert links, and archive info.

Instructions can be provided, as long as you are computer/internet savy and don't need constant supervision after instructed.



We have a blog within the site, and we are searching for "team bloggers" to work as a team on blogs on given topics at regular intervals to blog on.

Scholar/Imam Team Bloggers - to blog on Islamic topics of Interest to you, must be qualified to share correct Islamic knowledge and be able to provide credentials upon request.


Revert Team Bloggers in high need!  This site is dedicated to you, and the world wants to hear about your life experiences on given topics on regular basis.


Individual bloggers of all sorts are needed as well, to blog about whatever interests you.  No credentials needed.


Article & Video Submission

Scholars, Imams and Reverts are encouraged to share articles and videos (related Islamic info only) that you have written or recorded, to have them posted on the site.


Website Email Support

We need someone that can check emails on a daily basis and assist in forwarding them to the person they should be directed to, and follow up on responses, archive emails, and monitor for spam.{jcomments on}












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