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Allah the Exalted says:
"...And Hajj (pilgrimage) to the House is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, for those who can afford the expenses (for one's conveyance, provision and residence)…"
Aal-Imran 3:97



Dear new Muslim sister/brother:


Praise be to Allah! The International Association for New Muslims IANM sponsors 20-25 new Muslims annually to perform the Hajj duty.  Hajj is obligatory only once during the lifetime of both Muslim men and women, provided they have both the physical and financial ability to perform it. Hence, a Muslim should use his or her own money to perform Hajj. Nevertheless, according to its annual budget, the IANM offers its sponsorship and services to facilitate Hajj for the new Muslim sisters and brothers by organizing complete educational, religious, and social programs, specifically to meet their needs.  It provides them with the chance to gain Islamic education, meet other Muslims, and visit Medina and other holy places, in a package trip lasting 15 days. This package costs around 12,000 – 14,000 Saudi Riyals (around US$3,700) for each participant, which includes accommodation, meals, and transportation. However, it does not include visa charges or the ticket fare to and from Saudi Arabia; something which each nominee is solely expected to pay. The program begins with a welcome at the airport in Jeddah, followed by spending several days in both Makkah and Madinah, and includes lectures, contests, and tours of Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah. Gifts and books are distributed amongst our guests the pilgrims and an Arabic language learning activity is planned to be held.


We would like to help you join those who will take part in Hajj this year. If you are interested, please visit our website and fill out the application form and send it to our email address as soon as possible. (provided at the end of this article)

Very Important Notes:


This hajj sponsorship program is only open to those who have never performed Hajj before.


Any nominee for our hajj sponsorship program must be a new Muslim (i.e. someone who converted to Islam, not a person who was born as a Muslim).


All applicants realise that the IANM is offering to pay for the hajj trip package, whereas the visa and travel costs are solely the responsibility of each sponsored pilgrim.


Due to hajj visa regulations, any new Muslim woman who wishes to perform hajj under our sponsorship must be either accompanied by her mahram or she should come as a group of new Muslim ladies.


Although it’s not a precondition, it is preferred if requests for nomination are sent to us via an Islamic centre in your local area, keeping in mind that many Islamic centres are usually equipped and prepared to send an experienced guide along with the new Muslims to provide guidance and assistance for them during their hajj trip.


It must be made clear that all participating in the hajj trip, whether our guests the sponsored pilgrims or their accompanying hajj guides, must fully abide by the hajj program set down by the IANM.


The following documents should also be accompanied along with a filled out copy of the application  form:


  • A colored scanned copy of your ‘Declaration of Embracing Islam’ certificate.
  • A colored scanned copy of the page in your passport which contains your personal details.


If possible, although it’s not a precondition, it would be preferred if you accompany a recommendation document issued by your local Islamic community center, mosque or any other Islamic establishment you deal with.


Sisters who are being accompanied by their mahram must realize and agree that:


  • If her mahram is a Muslim convert then the IANM will pay for his hajj trip package, whereas, as previously mentioned, he would be expected to see to the costs of his visa and travel costs.
  • However, if her mahram is a born-Muslim, then he will be expected to fully take care of the costs of his hajj trip, meaning that he’ll also have to pay for the hajj trip package.


If is important to keep in mind that the ladies’ hajj group will be separate from the gentlemen’s hajj group, and that is also the case with the accommodation; therefore, the brothers will be separated from the sisters during most of the hajj trip.


Please keep in mind that sending the documents does not automatically guarantee that you have been sponsored; rather we take all the requests into consideration and our committee chooses some of the nominated new Muslims. The new Muslims who have been chosen are then informed through email.

Contact us via our website to access our application form and send it to us for consideration inshallah.


World Muslim League
Int'l Association for New Muslims

Tel: +966 2 66 00 245
Fax: +966 2 66 45 974

PO BOX 54944
Jeddah, 21524 Saudi Arabia

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